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Business Cards Are an Essential Part of Networking

By Richard G Lowe Jr, https://www.thewritingking.com

Business cards are an essential component of networking, marketing and establishing relationships with people. A well-designed business card boldly conveys your brand and image, and puts your message out there for people to see. Your card should demand a look followed by a response and a connection.

Unfortunately, some ill-informed individuals and marketers are claiming that business cards are “obsolete” and “unnecessary”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Technological devices such as smartphones and organizers are great for storing contact information, but they do nothing to promote your business. Sure, you can exchange your details with individuals at a convention or in a class, but that takes times and effort. Not everyone wants to stop, get out their smartphone, and enter your data right away.

When you are networking or working a convention floor, looking for connections, smartphones actually get in the way of conversations, discussions, and getting to know each other. It’s far easier and more polite to hand someone your business card.

Of course the design of the card can mean the difference between getting filed or buried in a stack, or being referenced and used. Your card should convey your brand and message, and jump out to demand attention. Boring business cards have no place in networking and marketing.

That’s the problem with “designing” business cards using cheap online services. Sure, you can make a passable card that contains your contact information, but nothing makes a card pop and demand action like one that has been hand-created by a professional graphics designer.

Laura’s Design Studio will work with you to create a business card that demands action instead of being tossed into a drawer to be forgotten like all the others who didn’t take the time to do it right.


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