"I love brainstorming new ideas. There is something so powerful about a team guiding the evolution of a blank page into an amazing design. Whether it's a new logo, printed marketing materials, or website design – the process is always an exciting adventure."

– Laura Sayegh

About Laura’s Design Studio

Let me tell you how Laura’s Design Studio started. This love of the design process has been the foundation of my 20 year career as an award-winning senior creative. After graduating with a degree in Advertising, I took on roles as Senior Graphic Designer, Supervisor of Graphic Services, and Art Director. I worked on projects designing packaging and print designs for Nokia in Latin America, corporate communications and training materials, magazine ads, direct mailers, and web banners for an in-house agency.

The next 14 years were spent at Kobie Marketing as a senior creative designing and developing creative strategies, managing a team (designers, copywriters and programmers), and collaborating with clients to deliver targeted creative designs through websites, emails, video, and print for local and national brands. I managed projects to develop design and loyalty solutions to some of the world’s most respected brands. (some are listed on the left).

These were fun years filled with creative passion to generate fresh design approaches that won multiple industry awards. Still, a part of me wanted something more, so using my experience in the Marketing and Advertising corporate world, I launched my own company in 2010.

Through Laura’s Design Studio, I manage designers, copywriters, and programmers and collaborate with clients to deliver targeted creative designs that are visually impressive and drive results. Our client’s range through a diverse scope including Solo Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Community Organizations, and National Corporations.

It is incredibly rewarding to do this work. Working with Marketing Managers and Business Owners to bring their concepts to life and then having the opportunity to see those design put to work is incredibly fulfilling – Laura’s Design Studio is definitely the highlight of my career. I’m excited about the years ahead, applying my experience and skills to helping other companies gain recognition and grow.

When I’m not designing (in those rare moments) I enjoy travel and outdoor photography. Some of the photos you see throughout the Laura’s Design Studio website are pictures I have taken at beautiful locations throughout the United States.

Laura's Design Studio Partners

Jessica Blair
Web Designer/Developer & Graphic Designer

Jessica has over 20 years experience in both print graphic design as well as web design and development. She earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. She had gained professional experience from web studios and marketing agencies before she decided to create her own business MOD Design Corp. She enjoys constantly learning and implementing new ideas to meet her clients needs and goals. When she isn’t designing she enjoys spending time in nature paddle boarding, doing yoga, and hiking.

Deanna Gray

Deanna Gray
Senior Web Designer

Deanna has over seventeen years experience in designing web and mobile applications. She earned a Bachelor’s of Art in Art Studio, with a concentration in graphic design, from the University of South Carolina. She’s passionate about continuing her education, and is currently learning Swift for iOS app development. She’s passionate about bringing diversity to the IT field, and trains girls and women to code. In her free time she practices yoga and paints.

Elana Rheinhart photo

Elana Rheinhart
Social Media

Hi, I’m Elana, pronounced “E-lai-na”. From the day I completed college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from Concordia University in Irvine, CA I found myself to have an entrepreneurial spirit. I took a year after college to complete an AmeriCorps service year in Tampa, FL where I was inspired to help teens with career planning. I spent the following 8 years in Escondido, CA building Go2Grow Mentorship Program alongside my family’s mortgage business as a loan officer. While juggling the tasks as both a non-profit founder and lead salesperson for Integrity 1st Mortgage, I ran myself ragged trying to “do it all”. The one thing I really learned was that there are so many activities to do to market to your potential customers and retain past customers, but it’s hard to do it all and actually run your business. I created a business that helps business owners tackle their to do list with an emphasis in social media content creation and management… but that wasn’t enough. Once we got the business rolling, we were having a hard time getting our client’s posts seen, so we found a way to overcome that too! We help you gain visibility month-after-month and we’ll send you a report to prove it! We specialize in creating content that helps business owners shine online! If you need help with what to post, when to post & how to post… we’ve got you covered!

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