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Graphic Design for a Start-Up Company – A Case Study

If you are a start-up business owner trying to decide how to build your visual brand or if you have a mature business that is looking for a fresh-new look, this case study will walk you through the process and show you samples of our work.

In late 2016, Captain Jason Tiller, launched his new boating business, Tiller Boatworks, in St. Petersburg FL. Being new to the area, he searched online for graphic designers in St. Petersburg. After reviewing portfolios from several graphic design sites, he chose Laura’s Design Studio to help create his business visually. We designed his logo, business cards, website, and images for his social sites.

The Logo Design

The logo is always the rational place to start. The process of developing your logo captures the essence of the brand and sets the baseline of all future designs including: font, colors, symbolism, and messaging.

We sent him a logo creative brief (a short questionnaire) to get the basics of what we need. He filled it out and then we followed up with a phone conversation to review. Captain Tiller then gave us ideas of how he visualized his new business. He also shared photos of spears, rope, and a compass and asked if we could incorporate some of these design elements into his logo.

With all the above information, Laura’s Design Studio gave him a few designs to choose from in black and white. From there we tweaked the design. Once it was finalized, we showed him color choices and ended with a logo that he loves.

The Business Card

Playing upon the branding from the logo with the graphics, colors and fonts, we decided to add a personal touch with a photo of Captain Tiller at the helm of the boat. It was a great way to help customers recognize who he is and what he does. We used his photo for the front with a caption and the services he offers plus contact information on the back of the card.

The Website

Once the brand that came to life with the logo and business cards, we started the creation of the website www.tillerboatworks.com. Laura’s Design Studio sent out a website creative brief to get an idea of what kind of site he was looking for in terms of content and budget.

Once this was established, we used WordPress as his website platform. Instead of using a template out of the box, we added customization with colors, fonts and icons. We also used plug-ins that incorporated Facebook and Twitter into the home page so page visitors can see his latest pictures and posts.

Laura’s Design Studio partnered with developers and writers to create the website. All of these talents were utilized in the creation of the site while Laura’s Design Studio managed and art directed to make sure the branding was consistent for fonts, colors, graphics and content.

The Social Sites

With the logo, business cards and website completed, we then incorporated the social covers for Facebook and Twitter. We kept the photos and message consistent with the website and designed cover pages that specifically matched the size and pixel requirements for these social sites.

These custom designed images keep all of Captain Tiller’s profiles aligned to his colors, fonts, and theme which reinforces his brand across all his social networks. Captain Tiller was thrilled with his logo, business card, website, and design elements. Future projects include a sales card and other marketing collateral.

Laura’s design Studio, worked so hard for my first business. She worked patiently and professionally with me to create the logo I was looking for. She and her team also worked so hard on my web page and was very understanding with me in the creation of it. With her strong back ground she gave me some insider hints when helping me with my business cards and they turned out top shelf. I highly recommend her and her team. Thank you so much Laura. – Captain J. Tiller

Together, the logo, business card, website, and social site images allowed Tiller Boatworks to make a strong and memorable business launch. If you are planning your business launch or considering re-branding your company, contact the team at Laura’s Design Studio. We are experienced in working with Small to Large companies and will be glad to discuss your project.


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