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Is It Worth Rebranding Absolute Services After 20 Years in Business?

Absolute Services Logo

Yes, it’s exciting, and a financial investment, but will it be worth it? Will rebranding attract new customers? Achieve new goals? Increase engagement? Streamline messaging?

These are questions Jason Swanson, president of Absolute Services, had to ask himself when he hired Laura’s Design Studio to rebrand his logo, website, and other marketing materials.

After being in business for 20 years, your image and company message may have become stagnant, and maybe even irrelevant to your audience. While your goals and mission as a company may have changed over time to your customers’ needs and challenges, your brand may not clearly reflect that anymore. By rebranding your image, your company personality, or your target audience you can attract new customers and revitalize an interest from your existing audience.

Absolute Services is a process serving company, https://processservers-fl.com, they serve papers for attorneys and other businesses that need court papers served. Their services include Service of Process, Eviction Summons, Medical Subpoenas, Foreclosure Summons, eFiling/Court Filing, Skip Tracing, Mobile Notary, Courier Service, and Surveillance.

Their old logo was a typical court hammer that was purchased off the internet that anyone could use and was not unique to their business. It could have been a lawyer’s logo or any business having to do with courts or law.  The web company who did the website did not provide the correct file format in vector so they could not reproduce it on other marketing items.  When you hire a graphic designer for your business logo, you will getting a unique logo to specific your business that you can copyright or trademark. You will also be getting various files, i.e., vector, files that you can enlarge or reduce without losing quality (.ai, .eps, .pdf) or raster, mainly used for the web (.jpg and .png). You will also get a branding guide that tells you your fonts and colors so if you need to hire another professional for graphics, they will know how to design your other marketing materials.

The new logo is an enlarged “A” with a starfish/person serving a paper. With the company serving, Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough counties in Florida, the starfish was representative of a person serving a paper. Very personalized design to the business with the name to the right. We also can use the “A” logo as a stand-alone.

Once we finished the logo, we moved on to redesigning his current website. We made sure the colors of the logo were incorporated, used stylish photography and graphics to explain all their different services and to get it ready for SEO (search engine optimization) after we finish the design. We made the website responsive for mobile phones and tablets and made sure all the content was informative to his clients and business associates. Here’s the link again. https://processservers-fl.com to go check out for yourself.

Other marketing material we design are their business cards and business card magnets. They will be sending a mailing out to their clients announcing their new branding and including these items in the letter.

Going back to the questions above, you are excited about revitalizing your brand? You’ll create more credibility and have new messaging to help increase customer acquisition and existing customer engagement. Contact us to discuss your rebranding.