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A Brand New Brand: White Cap Coaching

Working on a new brand for a start-up client is always exciting. One of the best parts of my job is helping clients bring their dream business to life. As a business owner myself, I know how fulfilling it is when years of expertise and passion take shape to form a new brand.

When we first spoke with Tricia Manning at White Cap Coaching, it was clear that she was at the top of her game. With 25 years in leadership positions, Tricia is a trusted global business leader with broad experiences in operations, strategic planning, and organizational effectiveness. She has extensive experience setting strategic direction and driving complex cross-functional initiatives.

The Consultation

During our consultation, Tricia painted a picture of her goals for her new business. She wanted to utilize her expertise to help clients reach new heights in business. As a lover of both skiing and beaches, she had settled on the name “White Cap Coaching” for her new venture. Our goal was to tie both of these natural elements into her branding.

After learning about her business goals, we discussed Tricia’s marketing plan and determined that she needed a Logo, Business Cards, Website, and Sales Flyer. The brand should be simple, yet memorable and it needed to be a mix of modern and professional. Drawing on the natural colors found in images of mountains and white caps, we settled on an icy blue color paired with varying shades of purple as the main colors for the brand.

The Logo & Business Card Design

After a couple rounds, the logo was finalized and we started on the business card layout. The easy-to-read design includes the logo and contact information on the front, with a beautiful mountain image and list of services on the back. There’s plenty of white space on the front, which compliments the name of the business and helps the logo and text stand out.

Website Design

We carried the same branding through to the website using the same colors, imagery, and style. Again, we utilized lots of white space to accent the text and used a combination of complementary icy shades to break up the content for easy reading. Professional images coordinate nicely with the text to highlight Tricia’s expertise and services.

Sales Flyer

Tricia wanted to have something more substantial than business cards to hand out to potential clients at events. We created a two-sided 8.5 x 11 flyer that recaps some of the main points from the website but directs the reader to visit the site or call for additional information.

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