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I am so thankful for a thank you card

I was so happy to have received a thank you card from my client, Thrive! Chiropractic & Wellness. Although you hear compliments about your work you don’t usually expect to receive a thank you card as well. I really enjoyed working with Michael Mulhern and Dr. Kelly on their sales card. They knew what they […]

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PG Comedy & Magic Brochure/Sales Card Before and After

PG Comedy & Magic is great at entertaining their audience!  They just needed a sales card that would align with their professional act. Their agent, Mark Drucker enlisted Laura’s Design Studio to help redesign it. It’s great if you can design your materials yourself, but it can also hurt your image if  it’s not done […]

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Marketing’s Power Couple: Design and Copy

Every year companies and advertising agencies spend billions of dollars trying to create the perfect ad, whether it’s TV, print, or online marketing. Just imagine the pressure felt by advertisers when creating heavily anticipated Super Bowl commercials. Even if you are not a football fan, it’s hard to avoid the next-day analysis of which ads […]

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